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MinGW download and installation tutorial

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You know, the gcc compiler provided by GCC official website cannot be directly installed on Windows platform. If we want to use gcc compiler on Windows platform, we can install the ported version of GCC. At present, there are two popular GCC porting versions, MinGW and cygwin, which are suitable for Windows platform. Among them, MinGW focuses on serving windows. Users can use GCC compiling environment to directly generate executable programs that can run on Windows platform, which is smaller and more convenient than the latter; Cygwin can provide a complete linux environment. It can not only use gcc compiler on Windows platform, but also run all programs on Linux platform theoretically

if readers only need to use GCC on Windows platform, they can use MinGW or cygwin; In addition, if readers have higher requirements (such as running POSIX applications), they can only choose to install cygwin

This section focuses on the installation and use of MinGW. MinGW full name is minimalist GNU for windows, which is applied to Windows platform, can provide us with a limited Linux system environment to use some GNU tools, such as gcc compiler, gawk, bison and so on. The installation of MinGW is simpler than that of gcc compiler on Linux platform. It only needs to go through the following steps. 1) Open MinGW official website (click to enter the official website) and download MinGW installation package官网下载MinGW Figure 1% 26nbsp; Download MinGW from the official website