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Frederick, a balloon salesman, is unwilling to be sent to a nursing home. He decides to take the \

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Wonderful dialogue

Fredricksen: Good morning, gentlemen.

Man: Good morning, mr. Fredricksen.  You're ready to go?

Fredricksen: Ready as I'll ever be. Would you do me the favour and take this? I'll meet you in the van in just a minute. I... wanna say one last goodbye to the old place.

Man: Sure. Take all the time you need, sir. That's typical. He's probably going to the bathroom for the 80th time. You'd think he'd take better care of his house.

Fredricksen: So long, boys! I'll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls! We are on our way, Ellie.

Russell: Hi, mr. Fredricksen. It's me, Russell.

Up 《飞屋环游记》精讲之一

Fredricksen: What are you doing out here, kid?

Russell: I found the snipe and I followed it under your porch. But this snipe had a long tail and looked more like a large mouse. Please, let me in.

Fredricksen: No. Aw, all right. You can...come... in.

Russell: I've never been in a floating house before. Goggles... Look at this stuff! Are you going on a trip? Paradise Falls, a land lost in time. Are you going to South America, mr. Fredricksen?

Fredricksen: Don't touch that! You'll soil it.

Russell: You know, most people take a plane. But you're smart, because you have your TV, clocks and stuff. Ooo, is this how you steer your house?% 26nbsp; Does it really work? This makes it turn right and that way is left. Hey, look! Buildings! That building's so close, I can almost touch it! Wow, this is great! You should try this, mr. Fredricksen. Look, there's a bus that could take me home two blocks away! Hey, I can see your house from here!

Fredricksen: Don't jerk around so much, kid! Well, that's not gonna work.

Russell: I know that cloud, it's a cumulonimbus. Did you know that a cumulonimbus...

Fredricksen: Aaa, I stayed up all night blowing up ballons... for what? That's nice, kid. What are you doing over there?

Russell: Look! See? Cumulonimbus.

Witticism Study and use


1. do sb A favor: help someone. Would you do me a favor please? Would you do me a favor

In addition, we also use in \

2. so Long: see you later

See you I'll see you tonight

3. Snipe: snipe, snipe

It is said that snipe is a kind of small and flexible bird. It is not easy to hunt this kind of bird. It requires quite good shooting and stealth skills. Therefore, snipe as a verb can also mean \

In addition, snipe can also mean \

4. Goggle: goggles

In addition, the verb \

5. Soil: dirty

For example: she soiled Her dress with ink

6. Steer: drive, steer

For example: steer the Boat for that island

7. Jerk: Jerk, jerk

And jerk sb Around means (especially by dishonest means) to give someone a difficult problem, set an obstacle for someone, and embarrass someone

8. Cumulonimbus: cumulonimbus

Cumulonimbus clouds are bulky and huge. The top of cumulonimbus clouds has a filiform ice crystal structure, and the top often expands into anvil or horsehair shape. Cumulonimbus clouds almost all form precipitation, including lightning, shower, gusty gale, hail and other weather phenomena, and even tornadoes. In special areas, there will be strong external airflow downburst. It's a kind of airflow that can cause a plane to crash

9. stay Up: don't sleep, stay up late

For example: I am going To stay up late to finish my paper

10. Blow up: inflate and enlarge

Blow up here Balloons means \ [ 2009-10-19 11:24 ]


Wonderful dialogue: so long, boys! I'll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls! We are on our way, Ellie.


This film is about a strange combination of \

Up 《飞屋环游记》精讲之一

Flying! Unfinished dream

The two protagonists of the story are 78 and 8 years old respectively, and the audience of \

In the first scene of the film, it imitates the black-and-white TV news clips of the 1930s, reporting the famous independent Explorer Charles bull; After showing the bones of giant birds to the United States and announcing the discovery of new species, Mantz was denounced as a liar by other scientists. To save his reputation, he decided to go to South America again

In less than 5 minutes, with an elegant transition, the film begins to use montage technique to compress the narration of Carl% 26bull; The love story of Frederick and his wife Ellie. They come together because of their worship of Mantz. Ellie's lifelong dream is to follow the example of this great adventurer and go to the \

However, life is always full of various variables, and Ellie can only be satisfied with the happy life accompanied by balloon salesman Carl. When she passed away with regret, leaving only a scrapbook to spend the rest of her life with this lonely old man, Carl began to close himself and refuse to contact others. Old man Carl was wearing thick black framed glasses, with a thick white beard, white eyebrows, a ball nose, a square chin, and a squeaky body like being run over by a compactor. He refused his companions and just wanted to spend the rest of his life in the room where he and Ellie shared memories. They even refused to give in to skyscrapers

In the end, Carl could not escape the fate of being sent to a nursing home by the government. So, he decided to make a wild plan - the scene of super visual impact of the surprise picture finally appeared! Thousands of colorful balloons hatched from the back of the house, uprooted the house and sent it to the sky. Carl plans to fly to South America with it to realize Ellie's dream

Up 《飞屋环游记》精讲之一

Adventure! The lost world

The accident happened again, Carl's flying house unexpectedly appeared \

Kevin's funny gestures and antics make them feel like sitting at home watching the classic animation of \

The total length of the film is only 89 minutes. For a Pixar film, the story of the flying house is a rare short and vigorous one, and the climax of the plot is also quickly staged. Two old guys, Carl and the bully Mantz, fight each other in a single scene on Mantz's spectacular Zeppelin hard airship

Play steadily in front of and behind the stage


As expected, the film is steady and steady, and no one makes mistakes in front of and behind the stage. In the aspect of dubbing, especially Asner, who is dedicated to old man Carl, pramer, who is the voice of Mantz, and Nagai, an 8-year-old child, who is not a professional actor, exude passion and enthusiasm from the dialogue; Technology is impeccable; Michael bull, a new music player; Giacino composed the most beautiful theme with his mellow traditional movement, which combined with the development of the plot to drive the mood of the audience

Test you

1. Of course! Don't worry. Take your time, sir

We're on our way, Ellie

Don't touch it! I'll get dirty with you

4. Do you use this to drive the house