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Codeblocks20.03 localization package | codeblocks20.03 installation tutorial

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CodeBlocks Chinese version installation tutorial:

1. First, download and decompress the CodeBlocks 20.03 original program and Chinese files on this site; 2. Double click to run% 26quot; codeblocks-20.03mingw-setup.exe" Program, enter the installation wizard; 3. Accept the software installation agreement and install according to the default directory; Default directory [C: \\ program files \\ CodeBlocks] 4. The software is being installed, please wait patiently; 5. The following interface will pop up during installation. Xiaobian recommends clicking the automatically derived compiler (GNU gcc compiler). Of course, users can also skip this step; If yes is selected, then you can select Yes, associate Code:: blocks with every supported type (including project files form other ides); This step is to associate all code:: blocks files that support opening, such as *. CBP (code blocks project) and. CPP (c + + source code file) files. In this way, double clicking the corresponding file can automatically open it with code:: blocks by default, which is very convenient; 6. The software shows that the installation is complete, click next; 7. Then copy the locale localization folder in the software package to the following path; Default path [C: \\ program files \\ CodeBlocks \\ share \\ CodeBlocks] 8. Then open the software and click environment in settings to enter the settings; 9. Click view, select internationalization, select Chinese in the drop-down list, and then click OK; 10. Re open the software and find that it is already a simplified Chinese interface; 11. So far, the above is the detailed installation tutorial of CodeBlocks 20.03 Chinese version

CodeBlocks could not compile run resolution

1、 As mentioned above, it is best not to change the installation location. If installed on other disks, the system will not correctly recognize the address of the compiler. You need to uninstall and reinstall, install the software on Disk C during installation, or manually update the path where the compiler is located. 2、 1. Settings -% 26gt; Compiler, i.e. setting -% 26gt; Compiler 2. Go to toolchain exectables to execute the tool link (or address, the link in Windows refers to the address, which means the address of your compiler tool); 3. Click auto detect, and then click OK to see if the compiler path automatically searched can be used (generally, it can be found automatically. If it cannot be found, please refer to step 4 to fill it in manually); 4. Click the icon... To find your installation directory. Note that there should be a bin (toolbox) folder in the directory you selected, and all compilers should be in this bin directory, and the name of the compiler should also be the same as the name on the figure. Otherwise, the system still cannot recognize it after this step is set. You need to check each compiler one by one; example: For example, the installation directory of Xiaobian is C: \\ program files (x86) \\ CodeBlocks \\ MinGW; When you enter this directory, you will see a bin folder. After opening the bin folder, you will see many executable files (EXE format), some of which are compilers.