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Analysis of dnczeus project structure


  preface The

dnczeus is a front-end and back-end separated project framework based on core webapi + vue.js. Since the front end is separated from the back end, there should be front-end projects and back-end projects. This paper analyzes the composition of dnczeus from the front-end and back-end project structure:

Front end project: [dnczeus. App] Back end project: [dnczeus. API] Database script: [scripts] The file structure of

dnczeus project is as follows:


Front end project (dnczeus. APP) Here, use vs code to open the front-end project The file directory structure is as follows:


Front end project folder Dist: the folder where the packaged project resources are stored. Every time you run NPM run build command, all the files in this folder will be deleted first, and then the new project packaged file resource files will be put into it. node_ Modules: the front end depends on the folder of the package. The project itself does not contain this folder (only after using NPM or yarn package management tools). Public: the public resources folder of the project, which mainly stores the template file (index. HTML) and website icon (favicon. ICO) of the front-end project home page. SRC: the most important folder in the front-end project. All system source codes are stored in this folder. Vue.config.js: environment configuration file of front-end project. In this file, you can specify the path of the project generation, and configure the port of the local front-end service (the default front-end service port is: 9000). SRC folder API: store all Ajax interface methods with the back end Assets: store static resource files needed by front-end project [dnczeus. App], including but not limited to pictures, icons, etc Components: stores all the common Vue components of the front end project [dnczeus. App] Config: stores the global parameter configuration of the front end project [dnczeus. App] Direct: store the Vue instruction of the front end project [dnczeus. App] LIBS: general method for storing front-end project [dnczeus. App], tool function, interception and encapsulation of Ajax request, etc Locale: multinational language pack for front end project [dnczeus. App] Mock: store simulation test data of front end project [dnczeus. App] (can be ignored) Plugin: the Vue plug-in that stores the front-end project [dnczeus. App] Router: stores the route interception and route configuration of the front-end project [dnczeus. App] Store: global state management for storing front end project [dnczeus. App] (based on vuex) View: the view page of front-end project [dnczeus. App] is stored. All business related page views are placed in this folder Back end project (dnczeus. API) In fact, is a regular core webapi application

because of the simplicity and comprehensibility of the project, only a single project has been created, and there is no complex architecture and encapsulation for it at present. I believe that as long as you have a little bit of. Net development foundation, you should be able to understand the directory structure of the project. Therefore, the role and significance of each folder will not be broken down in detail here