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6820. [2020.10.07 improvement group simulation] trip

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DirectX repair is a system level tool software, which is easy to use. This program is green version, no need to install, can run directly. The main function of this program is to detect the DirectX status of the current system, if found abnormal then repair. The program is mainly designed for the problem of 0xc00007b, which can perfectly repair the problem. This program contains the latest version of DirectX redist (jun2010), and all DX files have Microsoft's digital signature, safe and assured. In order to deal with the use of general computer users, this program adopts an easy-to-use one click design. Just click% 26quo; Detect and repair% 26quot; Button, the program will automatically complete the verification, detection, download, repair and registration of all functions, without user intervention, greatly reducing the difficulty of use. In the routine repair process, the program will also automatically detect the DirectX acceleration state, and give the user the corresponding prompt when it is abnormal. This program is applicable to multiple operating systems, such as Windows XP (you need to install. Net 2.0 first, please refer to% 26quo; To Windows XP users. TXT% 26quot; Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 8.1 update and windows 10 are compatible with both 32-bit and 64 bit operating systems. This program will automatically adjust the task mode according to the different system, without the user setting. V4.0 version of this program is divided into Standard Version, enhanced version and online repair version. All versions support the function of repairing DirectX, while the enhanced version supports the function of repairing C + +. The function of the online repair version is the same as that of the Standard Version, but the required packets need to be automatically downloaded during the repair. Among different versions, the main program is exactly the same, but the data package used is different. Therefore, the standard version and the online repair version can be enhanced by completing the expansion package. This program from v3.5 version, with expansion function. Just click% 26quo; Tool% 26quot; Open% 26quo; Option% 26quot; Dialog box, find% 26quo; Expand% 26quot; Click the% 26quo; Start expanding% 26quot; Button. The expansion process needs Internet connection, and the new packets will take effect automatically after successful expansion. The expansion time varies according to the network speed. The fastest time is only a few seconds, and the slowest time is a few minutes. Please wait patiently. If the extension fails, click% 26quo; Expand% 26quot; The small lock icon in the upper left corner of the interface is switched to encrypted connection, which can largely avoid connection failure caused by firewall or other reasons. Since V2.0, this program adopts a new underlying program architecture, and uses asynchronous multithreading programming technology, which makes the detection, download and repair work independently, without interference, and as fast as flying. The new program has changed the way of self verification, so when using the new version of the program, the error of self verification failure will not appear again; However, it does not cancel the self verification, so the security of the program is the same as that of the previous version. The program has the function of updating system C + +. Because the vast majority of software runtime needs the support of C + +, and the exception of C + + will also lead to the error of 0xc00007b, so the program will update the C + + components in the system as needed while detecting and repairing. Since the v3.2 version, the new C + + extension package has been used, which can greatly improve the success probability of industrial software repair. The function of repairing C + + is limited to the enhanced version. The standard version and the online repair version will prompt the user to use the enhanced version to repair when the system C + + is abnormal (not lost). In addition to regular repair, the new program also supports C + + powerful repair function. When the routine repair is invalid, you can open the powerful repair function in the option interface of this program, which can greatly improve the success rate of repair. Please note that use this feature only if the regular fix is invalid. The program has two window styles. Normal mode is the default style, which is suitable for most users. There is another simple mode. At this time, only the most basic contents will be displayed in the window, and the repair will be carried out automatically. After 10 seconds, the repair will exit automatically. The window style can make the repair work more simple and fast, and it is convenient for other software and games to embed the program, so it can be quickly repaired without human participation. The way to turn on simple mode is to open% 26quo; Settings.ini” If you don't have a file, you can create it by yourself; FormStyle” The value of one item is changed to% 26quo; Simple” And save it. The new version of the program supports the command line mode. Calling the program in the command line can directly add commands to the corresponding settings after the path. There are seven kinds of common commands, which are the command of setting language, the command of setting window mode, the command of setting security level, the command of opening strong repair, the command of setting C + + repair mode, the command of controlling direct acceleration, and the command of displaying copyright information. The specific command name can be set through% 26quo/ help” Or% 26quo; /?% 26rdquo; Make a query. The program has advanced filtering function. After opening this function, users can choose the files to be repaired independently, avoiding other unnecessary repair work. At the same time, it also supports auxiliary filtering through files, as long as you create% 26quo; Filter.dat” File, in which each line can write a serial number of the file to be repaired. This function is only for advanced users, and must be valid in normal window mode (not in minimalist mode). This program has the function of automatic log recording, which can record the results of each detection and repair, so as to analyze and find the causes in time when problems occur, so as to find solutions. % 26quo; Option% 26quot; The dialog box contains seven advanced functions. Click% 26quot; General% 26quot; Tab can adjust the basic operation of the program, including logging, security level control, debugging mode, etc. Only after debugging mode is turned on, can it be used in C