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one Terminology interpretation of 4MOTION

the \ two Historical development of 4MOTION

in 1998, Volkswagen introduced Sweden Haldex coupler. Since then, the 4WD system using Haldex limited slip technology has been named 4MOTION. This technology has become the core of Volkswagen 4WD technology with its excellent characteristics such as high degree of electronization and compact structure

The golf syncro launched by

in 1986 is the first Volkswagen mass-produced vehicle equipped with 4MOTION 4WD system. Since then, Volkswagen's 4WD family has been expanding. We are familiar with imported maiteng (B6) 12, Golf R, Huiteng and other models at all levels, which adopt 4WD mode

after Touareg launched in 2002 and Tiguan in 2007, Volkswagen's SUV models have officially joined this ranks. The four-wheel drive system improves the trafficability and handling of the vehicle


three Basic introduction of 4xmotion UnicodeToStringerror four Technical core of 4MOTION

Haldex central differential has been developed into a multi disc clutch differential control system, which achieves the purpose of intelligent torque distribution through the joint action of mechanical device and electronic control hydraulic system. The multi plate clutch is arranged in different positions according to different models. Some are close to the rear axle differential, and some are integrated with the transmission in a way similar to Audi

its principle is similar to the clutch of a manual car, except that the pressing force between friction parts changes from spring force to oil pressure. The basic structure is as follows: the end of the input shaft is fixed radially with the clutch plate through splines; The output shaft is cast into a whole with the housing, and a multi plate clutch plate is also installed on the inner side of the housing. The distribution of torque is realized through the effect of oil pressure on the clutch plate. The oil pressure determines the distribution of torque, and the oil pressure is generated by the ECU control solenoid valve. With ECU, a smart guy, it will naturally become simple as to when, where and how much torque to each wheel