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Why nano silicon powder can be used as a semiconductor material

What is nano silicon powder?
Nano silicon powder describes crystalline silicon bits with a diameter of fewer than 5 nanometers (one billionth of a billion (1G) meters). Nano silicon powder is characterized by high purity, small particle dimension, consistent distribution, huge surface area, high surface area task, as well as reduced loose density. The product is safe and unsavory. Nano silicon powder is a brand-new generation of optoelectronic semiconductor materials with a broad gap power semiconductor as well as a high-power light source product.

Use nano silica
powder To start with, nano silicon powder is made right into nano silicon wire and also utilized as the cathode product of rechargeable lithium batteries, or graphite is covered externally of nano silicon powder as well as used as the cathode material of rechargeable lithium batteries, which raises the capacitance and charge-discharge cycle times of rechargeable lithium battery by greater than 3 times. Second, nano silicon powder is used in high-temperature-resistant coverings and refractory products. On top of that, nano silicon can be utilized in layers to develop silicon nanofilms, which are commonly utilized in solar energy. Ultimately, nano silicon powder and diamond are blended under high pressure to produce a silicon carbide ruby composite material, which can be made use of as a cutting tool to change nano carbon powder or graphite as the anode material, considerably boosting the capacity of lithium batteries.

Damage of nano silica powder to body
One of the most significant injury of silica fume to the body is silicosis, caused by long-lasting inhalation of silica (SiO2) dust in big doses. Silica dust enters the respiratory tract as well as swallows up lung macrophages, releasing energetic factors that boost fibroblasts to synthesize more collagen. Silica dirt can additionally promote macrophages to release lysosomal enzymes, destroy the healthy protein covered on the surface of SiO2 as well as expose broken cell membranes. It can likewise start lipid peroxidation, generate free radicals, and damage or perhaps kill macrophages. Dead cells can stimulate surrounding fibroblasts to manufacture collagen. Silica dirt is released and also swallowed by various other macrophages to produce more collagen fibers. As time goes on, silicosis establishes.

Cost of nano silica powder
The chemical and physical residential properties of various nano silicon powders are various other, so the rates of different nano silicon powders will certainly differ. The nano-silica powder with high purity can significantly improve the strength and longevity of concrete, lower the alkali content, and reduce the water need for use. Typically speaking, the greater the purity of nano silicon powder, the higher the price. The price of nano silica powder can be discovered on our firm'' s main web site.

Boron nano silica powder
Technology Co. Ltd. , is a reputable and premium worldwide chemical product provider as well as maker. It has greater than 12 years of experience supplying ultra-high quality chemicals and also nanotechnology materials, including nano silica powder, nitride powder, graphite powder, sulfide powder, and 3D printing powder. If you are seeking high-grade and also cost-efficient nano silica powder, you rate to call us inquire at any moment.

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